Lashing or cargo control rings from bloxwich group for use on trucks and containers

Lashing Products – Large Stocks & Great Prices

At Bloxwich we stock a range of mild steel and stainless-steel lashing products including, wire formed and forged lashing rings, lashing ring assemblies/sets, cleats, housings and rope hooks or net points. Our lashing products assemblies/sets section contains a range of surface mounted and recessed and weld on and bolt on products with a range of […]

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Post talking about our Increased Corner Casting Stocks

Container Corner Castings

Used on ISO dry freight containers, reefers, open tops, tank containers, offshore containers and numerous other products and structures our corner castings conform to ISO 1161. They are also provided with a EN10204:2004 3.2 certificate (equivalent to 3.1C in ISO 10474) as some industries require it. Increased Stocks/Availability Funnily enough we regularly get container loads […]

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bloxwich door gear handle options for 22, 27 & 34mm locking mechanisms

Bloxwich Door Gear Handle Options

At Bloxwich we offer a range of handle options for our door gear. For Ø27 & 34mm models there are 4 options and for our lighter duty Ø22mm door gear the BCP14354 and BCSP14354 small forged handles are the default but off course we can fit the other forged, pressed, pressed long and D Grip […]

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Another Load of CIMC Container Parts Arrives in the UK

Another Load of CIMC Container Parts Arrives

At Bloxwich we only use the best suppliers and that includes CIMC, the biggest shipping container manufacturer in the world. Bloxwich have been working with China International Marine Containers for a long time at the request of several customers. However in 2020 we started working with CIMC Intermodal Equilink Co. Ltd to import spare parts […]

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image shows a burglar and advertise bloxwich truck and container security products

Keep it Safe – Dark Nights are Here

Dark nights are here! Need to keep your trailers and containers safe? You can count on Bloxwich Truck and Container security products to give you peace of mind. Our selection of door locks, king pin locks, anti-hitch locks, lockboxes and accessories can help keep your storage safe. Door Locks – Keep it Safe Our budget […]

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cimc shipping container panels in the bloxwich warehouse

Tons of Container Panels Now in Stock

28 tons minimum to be precise (or a container load) are in stock at any time. Even more are due soon as we try to deal with the growing demand for panels and doors. Rotten roofs, dodgy doors and perforated panels are all too common with the large number of ex shipping containers used for […]

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Image of the bloxwich range of catches and latches

These are Really Catching On

At Bloxwich we have always sold a range of catches and latches. However as these are really catching on we now offer a bigger range and we also carry much more stock too. From the recessed over centre locks commonly fitted to HGV trailer folding sides, to the adjustable eccentric over centre latches fitted to […]

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Shipping by Postcode

Shipping by Postcode

It may not sound very exciting but our online shop at now has the “shipping by postcode” extension installed. Put simply “shipping by postcode” uses your postcode to start the delivery cost calculation. Postcodes are grouped into the 19 different zones used by our couriers. Our shop contains matching information and prices for each […]

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Bloxwich Truck & Container Door Gear Options

Keeper, Cam and Other Door Gear Options

There are several Bloxwich door gear options to suit customers needs. As a result it can be difficult to find the exact model you need. So, here’s a brief explanation of them all: Loose parts (without tube) or fully welded ready for immediate fitting. Mild steel or stainless steel. Tube diameters of Ø22mm, Ø27mm or […]

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Bloxwich Truck & Container? Don’t Let the Name Fool You

There’s much more to the Bloxwich Truck & Container than the name suggests. Our products are used in so many different industries and on so many completely different products that it’s impossible to list them. Trucks & Trailers As the name suggests our products have been heavily associated with the truck and trailer industries since […]

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Bloxwich by Numbers – 20 years

That’s 20 years since the “Millennium” door gear model was first introduced by Bloxwich. Better known as the B2000MN it’s hard to believe it’s 20 years since this model of Ø27mm door gear was first introduced into the truck markets all over the world. In that same year Jenifer Lopez was in the charts with […]

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box of lashing rings as part of bloxwich Valentine’s Special Offer

Valentine’s Special Offer

Treat your loved one this year with our valentine’s special offer. 3 for the price of 2 on all rings, lashing rings that is (and cleats too). While they are not very romantic we know, but hopefully they are rather practical. So just use this coupon code* at checkout: LASHING PRODUCTS * valentine’s special offer […]

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RNLI Weymouth picture of life boat and new fender wall featuring Bloxwich Door Gear BS2010N

Bloxwich Door Gear In Use-Cutlass Mechanical Engineering Ltd

We are very used to seeing bloxwich door gear and other products all over the country fitted to all different types of trucks, shipping containers and offshore containers.  However we know they can also be used in all sorts of other interesting applications. We love to see these different uses of our products so hopefully […]

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Image of new door gear

Made to Last

Have you ever bought a “new”, “lighter”, “cheaper” or “improved” product only to find out that it breaks or wears out much more quickly than the old one did? This is not a problem at Bloxwich as our products are made to really last. Our tried and tested designs are still made to the same […]

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bloxwich logo etched onto product

Bloxwich BCP & BCSP Part Numbers, Trademarks & Copyrights

BCP, BCSP & CAT part numbers and others can date back to the very start of the Bloxwich Lock & Stamping Company in 1915. BCP ® (Bloxwich Container Part) Part numbers are used across our entire range of mild steel products. BCSP TM (Bloxwich Container Stainless Part) Part numbers are used across our entire range of […]

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Special offer CAT500 floor lashing ring

CAT500 Floor Lashing Ring Special Offer

Our production team got a bit carried away, so during the month of May, the CAT500 floor lashing ring is on special offer and we are offering you the chance to save first. Designed to be recessed in at floor level and engineered for ease of assembly to trailer frames by welding, forming an integral […]

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BCP13811 king pin lock

King Pin Lock Servicing

King Pin Lock BCP13811 & Veloc King Pin Lock BCP16035 supplied by Bloxwich Truck & Container should be checked and serviced before the winter, this is a simple procedure. Make sure you remove old grease and oils, check for good key operation, re-grease, oil and place back in the Bloxwich clean bag (BCP-30000). We suggest you ensure you have […]

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Grab handle

Can You Handle it? The BCSP12270 Grab Handle Can

Supplied in: 304 polished stainless steel grab handle Use:  Pressed tubular grab handle for use on commercial vehicles and containers. Can also be used in many other applications e.g. vans, horse boxes & trailers etc. Weight: 228 g For more information please call us on +44(0) 1543 435 160, email or see our range of […]

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Bloxwich range of iso container stacking fittings

ISO, Did You Know?

Did you know? That Bloxwich now stock even more ISO container fittings? Used across several industries but with their origins firmly in container shipping they are most commonly found on container ship decks and in their holds. However, they are now increasingly used for stacking ISO and offshore containers temporarily and permanently both onshore and […]

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bloxwich haynet rings

Bloxwich Haynet Rings BC(S)P16010 & BC(S)P16011

Our haynet rings are currently on offer in store and online. SWL: 227 kg. Supplied in: Mild steel zinc plated or stainless steel and with or without the injection moulded back plate (BCP16013). Use: Provides a bolt-on snag free rope lashing point. Commonly used in horseboxes and tack boxes but it can be used anywhere. […]

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B2000 door gear

Bloxwich Door Gear Copies?

We know there are copies of our original designs in the market but their one advantage over our original designs i.e. their price is not what it used to be.  So, are you? Facing rising prices due to increasing material costs, exchange rates, & inflation? Struggling to get your parts on time or suffering increased […]

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Happy Birthday B2000 Door Gear


Originally designed in 1977 our B2000 door gear is now 40 and still going strong (with a few revisions and options added along the way). It’s available in a variety of configurations including bushed and unbushed, variable height, and narrow base cams and keepers. All for use with Ø27mm tube and either forged, D grip, […]

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Free Rotation Lashing Rings

BCP 14414 lashing rings, can be used with BCP14514 tab, BCP14514M bridge or BCP14514 bolt on cleats for free rotation. For more information please call us on +44(0) 1543 435 160, email or see Don’t forget about out other company websites  , &

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BCP14298Z folding step in use

That’s One Small Step….

That’s BCP14298 step that is. It doesn’t matter whether you are in space or in your yard, if you need to get onto you flatbed safely you’ll need a Bloxwich Folding Step. BCP14298. With it’s zinc plated or yellow powder coated finishes it’s suitable for trucks, containers, vans, horseboxes and even space craft etc. For […]

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Bloxwich BCP13811 Trailer King Pin Lock

King Pin Locks

King Pin Locks, Bloxwich Standard Patent Design specifically designed for trailers. Simple push button operation, drill proof lock and anti rust protection make it the perfect lock for your trailers.   Supplied with two keys (replacement keys available to original purchaser only on confirmation of serial number). With 10,000 possible combinations this robust King Pin Lock […]

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BCP15034 & BCSP15034 lashing rings

Lashing Rings BCP15034 & BCSP15034

Perfect for equine lashing in Horseboxes or on Trucks & Vans etc. These bolt on rope or lashing rings are made from mild steel zinc plated or 304 Stainless Steel. They will take a weight of up to 200 kg. These lashing rings are compact so will take small straps, bungee cords, and ropes or […]

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Oil hole/grease nipple positions

Forged Hinges Oil Hole/Grease Nipple Positions

Oil holes or grease nipples (mild steel N or stainless steel NSS) can be fitted to the Bloxwich range of forged hinges. Other positions available on request but there are five common oil hole and grease nipple positions at: Vertical 90 ° 45° 135° 180° Note: If no number is specified, hinges are supplied without an […]

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We are offering an opportunity to save on our ever popular ISO corner castings. Normally individual priced at £29.75 each but you can save by buying them as sets. Available in end, lower, upper and as complete sets. Our corner castings conform to ISO 1161 and also provided with EN10204: 2004 3.2 certificates (equivalent to […]

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BCP14153 lashing ring & BCP14243B tab cleat

Ferry Lashing Ring and Cleat

Don’t forget that Bloxwich’ Pat. design ferry lashing ring and cleat. The BCP14153 (Ring), BCP14243B (Tab Cleat), BCP14154 (Bridge Cleat) and BCP14243 (Bolt-On Cleat) all conform to EN29367 (ISO9367). Trust Bloxwich’s patented design lashing rings and cleats. BCP14153 (Lashing Ring), BCP14243B (Tab Cleat), BCP14154 (Bridge Cleat) and BCP14243 (Bolt-On Cleat).  All conform to EN29367 (ISO9367). […]

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Container Part Identification Service

We can help you identify current and historic container parts. We can supply you with the correct Bloxwich part numbers and details of a distributor near you. Simply email a photograph of the part in question to For more information on our part numbers, or to request details for any historic or current part number please […]

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Copies of Bloxwich Parts

We have had reports of customers using a cast BCP10045 hinge – this is definitely a copy – Bloxwich BCP10045 is a forged hinge. We do trace copying activities; internationally as well as locally and pursue traders using our part number system to sell copy products. There are always questions about Bloxwich parts; particularly how to get them – […]

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