Made to Last

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Have you ever bought a “new”, “lighter”, “cheaper” or “improved” product only to find out that it breaks or wears out much more quickly than the old one did? This is not a problem at Bloxwich as our products are made to really last.

Our tried and tested designs are still made to the same specifications and standards they were when they were first designed many decades ago.

In some industries it’s not unusual for container owners to reuse galvanised door gear on other containers as it lasts longer than the containers themselves!

In other industries shipping containers are re-purposed. So its very common to find Bloxwich door gear, hinges and lashing rings etc. (usually buried under several top coats of paint) on containers used for storage beside businesses and football pitches etc.

So when you are next looking for quality truck and container parts that will really stand the test of time just think Bloxwich.

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