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At Bloxwich we stock a range of mild steel and stainless-steel lashing products including, wire formed and forged lashing rings, lashing ring assemblies/sets, cleats, housings and rope hooks or net points.

Our lashing products assemblies/sets section contains a range of surface mounted and recessed and weld on and bolt on products with a range of SWL’s.

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Smaller lashing rings are made in mild steel as well as stainless steel. Therefor they can be wire formed or forged (depending on the model and SWL). Larger lashing rings are forged in mild steel.


The stainless-steel lashing rings have a polished finish, mild steel lashing rings are supplied with self-colour, zinc plated or galvanised finishes (may be subject to minimum order quantities and availability).

Some lashing rings and cleats are supplied with powder coated finish options, please contact us to discuss your exact requirements if the finish you need isn’t listed.

Cleat Types

Bridge, tab and bolt on cleats are in stock for most lashing rings*.

BCP14484C Bloxwich lashing ring bridge cleat

Bridge Cleats

Are supplied in self colour for ease of welding. Bridge cleats take up the least room and can be be welded to structural members. They are full penetration or fillet welded on both sides.

BCP14996 Bloxwich lashing link tab cleat

Tab Cleats

Are supplied in self colour for ease of welding. Tab cleats take up the more room than bridge cleats and are fillet welded on the sides and ends. The larger surface area makes them more suitable for welding on flat panels and floors.

BCP13947 Bloxwich-cargo-control lashing ring bolt on cleat

Bolt on Cleats

Are usually zinc plated, galvanised or powder coated for bolting onto truck and trailer chassis, light commercial vehicles and numerous other products.

*not all lashing rings have the full range of cleat options.


Our head office and warehouse in Cannock houses our large stocks for immediate dispatch or collection.


Bloxwich can if required provide a load test certificate for all lashing rings, please request a copy at the time of order. If ordering online please mention this in the “Special Delivery Instructions” field at checkout.

Can’t See What You Need?

Just call us to discuss your requirements and we’ll do our best to help.

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