Dodgy Doors, Perforated Panels or Rotten Roofs – Bloxwich Can Help

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Having been involved with shipping containers and offshore containers since they were invented Bloxwich have seen it all. Customers regularly contact us and send photos so this container image is typical of so many we see. Holes in the already thin sides or “extra ventilation” as some people call it are common. So are leaking roofs (frequently just covered with roofing felt) and difficult/impossible to open and close doors.

Shipping containers and offshore containers when in service are inspected regularly, well maintained, refurbished and tested as and when required.

However, once their design life is over (usually 10 years minimum for a shipping container but it can be just one trip and 10 -20 years for an offshore container) they are normally sold and repurposed. They are then very commonly used for general-purpose storage at football pitches, elopements and as additional storage space on farms, businesses and houses etc up and down the land.

Unfortunately this is where IICL or offshore container inspections to determine that containers are “cargo worthy” (CWO) stop and the term “wind and watertight” (WWT) starts. So maintenance can severely reduce or stop completely which can result in:

*Even if the hinges and door gear are maintained with J seals fitted the doors and surrounding frame members rusting badly can cause “oxide jacking” or “rust burst” (the expansive force of rusting) to squeeze the door seals further which can also make the doors harder to open and close.


All of these issues are security risks and can make it easier for thieves or vandals to break into containers. Obviously there are lots of other factors that affect storage container lifespans and offshore containers are made to different standards in the first place so they have thicker panels and structural members but even used containers cost a significant amount of money to buy but are worth very little a scrap.

So, if any of the above sounds familiar and you need to give your containers some TLC then Bloxwich can help.  Our one stop shop at has everything you need to get your containers wind and watertight again and more importantly functioning properly, safely and securely.

Container Parts


Bloxwich stock a range of door, side, roof and front-end panels in Corten steel. They can also be manufactured in mild steel if preferred (subject to minimum order quantities). See Another Load of CIMC Container Parts Arrives and Tons of Container Panels Now in Stock for the full details.

Available to suit 8’6” and high cube containers (easily cut for shorter containers). We also offer patches for side and front-end panels.


As well as supplying door panels Bloxwich manufacturers replacement shipping container doors. Bloxwich stock 3 and 5 corrugation door panels and all the associated parts and assemble them to order for standard 8’, 8’6” and 9’6” (high cube) shipping containers with 3 or 5 corrugations.   

We also manufacture offshore container doors and custom sized shipping containers doors (size limitations). We can work with customer drawings or create drawings from customer sizes. See Container Doors & Parts for more details.

Door Seals and Seal Retaining Strips

We have BCP-CDS46J J type seals available in 2.5m and 5m lengths. Bloxwich also stock BCP19200-004 J Type 8’6” Container Door Seal Sets and BCP19200-011 J Type HC Container Door Seal Sets and all the stainless-steel retaining strips and rivets to fit them too.

We can also manufacture custom J seal sets to your exact door sizes. All we need is your door widths and heights to quote.

Door Locking Gear

BE2566M is the standard door gear fitted to offshore and ISO containers but its stainless equivalent BS2566M is also used by some customers.  All Bloxwich door gear can be supplied as loose kits or as fully welded door gear (please contact us for lockrod charts) and see Door Gear for more details.

Door Hinges

Bloxwich manufacture hinges and hinge assemblies so whether it’s a spare part you need or complete hinge assemblies we can help. See Hinge Products for details. Our range of forged container hinges (111, 130, 150 & 203mm long) are standard on most offshore containers and older shipping containers. On newer shipping containers the wider BCP14105 hinge or the BCP18027/8 hinge assemblies are standard. Hinge butts, brackets and pins etc are in stock at all times.

Other Container Parts

The above are common items used in maintaining and refurbishing containers. We also stock a range other container products from personnel doors and windows, twistlocks, stacking fittings, gaskets, door retainers, lashing rings, security products and vents etc. However if you don’t see what you need on just let us know.

More Information

For more information on Bloxwich Group, Bloxwich Truck & Container, Bloxwich Stamping and Bloxwich Trading please call us on +44(0) 1543 435 160 or