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What started out as a regular enquiry for door gear, turned into much more. As part of a vehicle conversion, Meeks Fabrications in Rainham with the help of the knowledgeable Bloxwich sales staff and the Bloxwich “one stop shop” went through the end customers’ requirements.

The enquiry quickly grew into the supply of loose kits of Bloxwich B2000 door gear, hinge and bracket assemblies, door retainer hooks and catch plates, tube, small stainless-steel hinges, paddle catches and gaskets too.

The Customers Project

Meeks Fabrications wanted to convert a standard 2012 Nissan Cabstar 34.12 dropside with twice extended sides into a proper fully fit for purpose chipping van.

Utilized for all sorts of tree work from pruning to tree removal these vans are all over the country and usually tow the woodchippers too. They all have similar features in that the rear doors open fully or partially to allow the woodchippers to blast the chippings straight into the back of the van.

The shortened tipping bed gave room to fit in the equipment storage compartment behind the cab.

“One Stop Shop”

With their large warehouse and head office in Cannock, Bloxwich Truck & Container were quickly able to assist in specifying a solution. The online order then quickly went through our system for packing and dispatch ASAP afterwards.

Product Features

B2000 unbushed door gear is the simplest and most robust Ø27mm door gear on the market. Now in its 47th year of manufacture it’s still just as popular due to its simplicity, strength, and easy operation.

Standard B2000 lock rods were fabricated and galvanised by Meeks Fabrications for the upper doors and bottom cam only B2000 lock rods were made for the lower doors. The upper rods overlap onto the lower doors meaning the upper doors open first/close last. The conversion to a chipping van required the upper doors to be left open for filling.

Hinge and bracket assemblies simplified the order (as everything required is in the kits).

D grip handles make pulling the rear doors open easy. Also, they completed the clean, metallic and black and white look of the vehicle and all its fittings. 

The full width & height equipment storage compartment fits between the cab & tipper with access doors on both sides.

On top the added ladder rack also partially encloses the front of load bed.

Before & After


The finished chipper tipper is one sharp looking purpose built vehicle. Meeks Fabrications and Bloxwich Truck & Container hope the end customer, Rob’s Tree Care will be delighted with it for many years.

More Information

For more information on Meeks Fabrications call Chris Meeks on +44(0) 7715 848 116 or email Enquiries@MeeksFabrications.co.uk

For more information on Rob’s Tree Care call Rob Ateh on +44(0)7786 212 327.

Finally for more information on Bloxwich Group, Bloxwich Truck & Container, Bloxwich Stamping and Bloxwich Trading please call us on +44(0) 1543 435 160.