Bloxwich Door Gear Handle Options

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At Bloxwich we offer a range of handle options for our door gear. For Ø27 & 34mm models there are 4 options and for our lighter duty Ø22mm door gear the BCP14354 and BCSP14354 small forged handles are the default but off course we can fit the other forged, pressed, pressed long and D Grip handles from our Ø27 and Ø34mm door gear models if required.

We also offer handle & hub options for Ø27mm models. Used on variheight door gear to allow customers to adjust the door gear height or on standard door gear to allow customers to set their own handle height and hub angle.

bloxwich door gear handle and hub options for Ø27mm door gear
Bloxwich door gear Ø27mm handle and hub options

Historic Product Consolidation

Many years ago Bloxwich consolidated their door gear models and handle options. So our own designs for recessed door gear, flush door gear and other pressed mild and stainless steel surface mounted handles were discontinued in favour of the much more popular handles we still manufacture today (see the images above).

For most customers this is not a concern but we are asked “can you fit this handle” or “do you have these”?  The answer is of course yes. As most door gear manufacturers have products in Ø22, Ø27 and Ø34mm we can fit almost any handle to Bloxwich door gear.

So Why Come to Bloxwich?

At Bloxwich, door gear is our thing, we have the jigs, the equipment, the facilities, the personnel, the procedures and decades of experience to make up and finish your door gear lock rods to the highest standards whether it’s an order for 1 or 1000. Please Contact Us for more details, a lockrod chart or a quote.

Fastener kits

Fasteners are easy to buy. Want to save some time and money by getting just the quantity you need? Want everything from the same manufacturer?

We can help with fastener kits per lockrod, pair of lockrods or per batch etc. Door gear models online have fastener kits as drop down options. They are bought from the spares section online too. See Fasteners for more details.

Gasket Sets

We have for many years offered a limited range of gaskets. For that reason, figuring out which gaskets you needed was impossible. However these days every gasket you could possibly need exists and is in stock. Consequently, we offer gasket sets. Gasket sets are drop down options on door gear online and can be bought from the spares section too. See Gaskets for more details.


So, even if you don’t buy our door gear handles, we can fit another manufacturers or your own handles to our mild steel or stainless steel door gear cams, keepers, bushes and brackets etc and supply them fully welded.

Bloxwich will supply stainless steel lockrods with a polished finish. We will supply mild steel lockrods with self-colour, zinc plated or galvanised finishes.

More Information

Finally, for more information on our range of products, Bloxwich Group, Bloxwich Truck & Container, Bloxwich Stamping & Bloxwich Trading please call us on +44(0) 1543 435 160