Bloxwich Door Gear Copies?

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We know there are copies of our original designs in the market but their one advantage over our original designs i.e. their price is not what it used to be.  So, are you?

Sound familiar?

We can help, at Bloxwich we’ve been supporting the Truck & Container industries for 60 years, so why not come back to the original designer, the original manufacturer and the original supplier? Do you?

Need parts quickly? No problem they are in stock.

Need complete loose door gear kits? No problem the are in stock too.

Need fully welded and zinc plated or galvanised lock rods? No problem the parts are in stock and our in-house welders and local plating and galvanising facilities turn them around quickly.

Need a specific finish, material or option? No problem with 12 basic mild steel and 8 stainless steel door gear models and options for: tube Ø, bushes, weld on or bolt on, cams, keepers, handles, zinc plating or galvanising and variable height door gear too we’ve got what you need.

Need quality and value for money? No problem we’ve been making door gear since 1958 and in that time, we’ve figured out how to consistently and efficiently manufacture our products.

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