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Lashing Products : Lashing Ring Assemblies, Lashing Rings, Cleats, Housings & Rope Hooks

First of all Bloxwich has a huge range of lashing products. From lashing ring assemblies, drop side rope rings, ferry lashing rings, D rings and triangular rings to cargo fixing lugs.

We also manufacture a range of recessed products. From tag line boxes, single and double lashing ring pans and pressed housings for lashing rings, cleats and rope hooks.

Various lashing products fitted to a commercial vehicle or container floor and chassis or frame

Lashing rings have tab, bridge and bolt on cleat options. While weld on cleats are usually supplied in self colour, bolt on cleats can be in self colour, zinc plated or galvanised finishes.

Inside view of various lashing products recessed into the side of a container

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Various lashing products recessed into the side of a container