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At Bloxwich we don’t have massive neon signs on our buildings lighting up the skyline and we don’t leave the lights on when nobody is home either. The very nature of our business doesn’t result in a massive carbon footprint, but we are still doing our bit to reduce waste and be more efficient where possible.

We do send orders all over the planet, so packaging is where we are currently focusing our attention. You’d be surprised how much packaging materials we get through in a year! Boxes, bags, bubble wrap, sacks, shrink wrap, crates and pallets galore are all required to deliver our products and don’t forget about the number of rolls of buff tape and Bloxwich tape we get through too!

To do even more for the environment we are keen to reduce packaging waste further and save us and our customers money too.


Local customers can help by returning any BLOXWICH plastic bags, sacks, and cardboard boxes. Just hand them over when we are next delivering, or you are next collecting an order (using Bloxwich or customer transport only).

For customers further afield it’s a bit trickier as our couriers use a vast network of distribution hubs and delivery companies. So please give us a call to arrange collection (packaging must say Bloxwich on it and be in good enough condition to reuse). Returned packaging in suitable condition will be reused and the rest will be recycled properly.


Want to go a bit further? Large or regular customers may be able to benefit from zero packaging on orders*. We can supply bins and stillage’s to deliver our products, which can be returned and refilled as and when required. Please contact us for details.

*Subject to customer size, location, and order frequency. Other sizes and types available on request.


At Bloxwich the polyethene bags we use are made of recycled material and they can also be widely recycled themselves in the UK at most supermarkets. The woven polypropylene sacks we use for some products can be recycled too (depending on your local authority), so we suggest returning them or reusing them as much as possible.

The cardboard boxes we use are made from recycled material. In some cases, we buy top quality used carboard boxes locally too. If it’s possible to return these great, but if not, cardboard is widely recyclable at recycling centres all over the country, as part of your business recycling, at supermarkets and of course as part of everyones household recycling.   

Wooden pallets are expensive, so they are widely reused where possible by us and our customers alike.

Other Ideas

1. Reuse of Bloxwich polythene bags: Add a handle (fold in half where you want the handle and cut a half key shape using scissors) and you’ve got a very heavy-duty polythene bag for shopping etc.

2. Reuse of Bloxwich polythene bags: Punch it at the open end and you’ve got a rather heavy-duty poly pocket for A3 documents. Or cut it in half lengthways and punch it and you’ve got a very heavy-duty poly pocket for A4 documents.

3. Or simply just use them at home to fill with the other plastic bags and film etc. from food packaging. Then recycle at your local supermarket.

Bloxwich Group – reusing packaging, reducing waste and recycling as much as possible.

More Information

Finally, for more information on Bloxwich Group, Bloxwich Truck & Container, Bloxwich Stamping & Bloxwich Trading please call us on +44(0) 1543 435 160