About Us

Bloxwich Truck & Container have been supplying transportation markets since the 1950’s. There have been many changes over the decades such as new product designs and manufacturing methods. The Bloxwich offices in the UK and abroad have also changed as have customer and supplier requirements. We developed our products to British (BS), European (DIN), USA and International (ISO) standards.

Ever since we started, our name has been associated with door locking gear. We are known world wide along with our other truck and container products which can be seen fitted to trucks, trailers, containers and numerous other products.

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As a supplier to world markets, we enjoy many valued customers across many markets. Our supply routes and extended relationships mean we are able to provide support on most intermodal solution requirements.

Our main distribution centre is in the heart of Staffordshire, close to the M6 toll and M6 motorway. We operate from a new warehouse on a modern industrial estate where we would be glad to supply your every need. Our Aberdeen Engineering office also stocks a limited amount of products but this can easily be increased.

We, as a consequence of our engineering background, are always interested in hearing about your engineering issues or any problem you might have that may be solved by one of our ‘Technical Specialists’.

About Us - Mike Hadden CEO

Mike Hadden CEO