Like What We Do? Would You Write a Review?

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Despite being in business since 1915 Bloxwich still need to incorporate all the latest marketing techniques to maintain and ideally grow our business.

So, as a recent customer would you please write a Google review?

Why Do We Need Reviews?

Customer Feedback:

Writing a review gives customers the opportunity to share their experiences and provide feedback on the product or service they received. This can help Bloxwich understand what aspects of our product range are working well and what areas need improvement.

Reputation Building:

Positive customer reviews contribute to the reputation of Bloxwich. They act as social proof, showcasing to potential customers that others have had a positive experience. Positive reviews can help build trust and credibility, making it more likely for new customers to choose Bloxwich.

Constructive Criticism:

Negative reviews, when provided constructively, can be valuable for Bloxwich. They highlight areas where we can make improvements.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing:

Furthermore, customers often rely on recommendations from others when making decisions. By writing a review, customers are sharing their experiences with others and acting as brand ambassadors. Positive reviews can generate word-of-mouth marketing, attracting new customers to Bloxwich.

Continuous Improvement:

Bloxwich actively monitor and analyse customer reviews. This information will be used to make informed decisions. E.g. refining processes, updating products or improving customer service.

Relationship Building:

Also, engaging with customers through reviews provides an opportunity for Bloxwich to further develop relationships. Responses to reviews shows customers that their opinions are valued.

To Thankyou for Your Review

You’ll be entered into our quarterly draw for a Bloxwich goodie bag, a love to shop voucher, 10% off your next order* or free delivery* on your next order.

*Terms and conditions apply and some items are subject to availability.

Don’t Like What We Do

In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with a product or our service please contact us too on +44(0)1543 435 160 or email to discuss the matter, make amends and improve our service.

More Information

Finally, for more information on Bloxwich Group, Bloxwich Truck & Container, Bloxwich Stamping & Bloxwich Trading please call us on +44(0) 1543 435 160